Franchise Opportunity

Interested in starting your own City Guide? There are several aspects to consider when starting an online City Guide. Using our experience, you can save time and money with your own local City Guide and benefit from working with other sites. For example, we helped Blue Portico with their Park City Guide and now share ideas and technologies as both our companies evolve.

The Video City Guide solution offers the following features:

  • Custom kiosk housings that match the decor of the kiosk host property.
  • An optimized kiosk computer configuration that minimizes hardware and software expenses.
  • Online kiosk reporting and tracking software that lets you know when a kiosk needs service.
  • Remote configuration changes for kiosk user interface.
  • Turn-key website solution that allows you to build a custom City Guide without any website design experience.
  • Ongoing upgrades to website software solutions.