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3421 W. William Cannon Drive

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About Café Malta Austin

Café Malta is a casual European trattoria, located in the Cannon Oaks Center, in South Central Austin. The menu is inspired by the Mediterraneancuisine of Italy, Spain, southern France, Morocco, and Greece. Enjoy lunch,brunch or dinner in a relaxed informal setting. All the food is creatively preparedusing fresh local ingredients.  A Sampleof Café Malta’s dinner menu is listed below.
A Sample of the Dinner Menu at Café Malta

Maltagliati 13
Our fresh homemade pasta, "badly cut" and tossed in a slow-cooked pork and beef ragù

Pappardelle Porcini 12
Broad ribbons of our house pasta, tossed in a pesto of porcini mushrooms, garlic, thyme and parmesan

hicken Tagine Pot Pie 14
Pasture-raised Texas hen braised with currants, almonds, figs & olives Niçoises, topped with herbed pastry crust

Spring Lasagna 13
Grilled Portobello mushroom and chayote, heirloom tomato, manchego, lemon ricotta and bechamel between fresh house pasta

Filete Andaluza 18
Today's fish from Austin Seafood, pan-seared, with sherry-lemon beurre blanc, bacon-cilantro risotto and sautéed zucchini

Cacciucco 18
Fisherman's stew of mussels, shrimp, squid, today's fish, tomatoes, herbs and a little heat, served with grilled house baguette

Yardbird Piri-Piri 14 
Pasture-raised Texas chicken leg quarter in hot pepper citrus sauce, grilled and served with red cabbage slaw and barley pilaf

Pork Roulade 15
Slow-roasted pork shoulder rolled with preserved lemon and jalapeno, served with bacon-cilantro risotto and zucchini sauté

Bistro Steak 18
Grilled hanger steak (marinated in chardonnay and lemon) with cracked pepper-port cream sauce, potato-gorgonzola gratin and zucchini sauté

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