; Piranha Killer Sushi in downtown Austin

Piranha Killer Sushi

207 San Jacinto Boulevard Suite 202
(512) 473-8775

Currently Rated : 4 by 6 customer(s)

About Piranha Killer Sushi Austin

At Piranha Killer Sushi in downtown Austin you can enjoy sushi with an exciting twist in a beautiful classic environment. Piranha Sushi strives to present you with an unforgettable dining experience that you will have to revisit over and over again, the food is always presented beautifully, and there are always plenty of specialty drinks to choose from. The signature rolls are what make Piranha Killer Sushi so exceptional, many of their popular items feature fruit such as the the favorite Marry Me Roll with shrimp tempura and ginger cream topped with avocado, tuna, and strawberry. For those that are not into Sushi items entrees include such Grilled Salmon and Ginger Beef.

A Sample of the Menu at Piranha Killer Sushi Downtown Austin

Blue Crab Fried Rice 14.95
Sushi and Sashimi Dinner 24.95
Seafood Diablo/Udon Noodles 16.95

Chef Creative Dinner 29.95

Boat for Two/Chefs Choice 44.95

Ginger Beef/Vegetable Tempura 17.95

Signature Rolls at Piranha Killer Sushi

Lobster Roll 13.95
Masago, scallions, shrimp tempura, and ginger cream topped with avocado and lobster

Mary Me Roll 13.95
Shrimp tempura and ginger cream topped with avocado, tuna, and strawberry

The Latino Roll 12.95
Shrimp tempura, asparagus, ginger cream, cream cheese, avocado, crab jalapeno, and cilantro

Dancing Eel Roll 9.95
Avocado, masago, and cream cheese topped with smoked eel

Love at First Sight 9.95
Charbroiled fish over a California roll

Wasabi Crusted Salmon Roll 11.95
Panko crusted roll with salmon, cream cheese, and scallion

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