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Affinia Dumont

150 East 34th Street

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About About Affinia Dumont in New York City

Affinia Dumont is an inviting hotel with an excellent downtown location in midtown east New York and a friendly knowledgeable staff. Featuring a total comfort experience customized by you, a relaxing on site day spa, a pet friendly environment and breathtaking views of Manhattan, the Chrysler Building, and the East River. Affinia Dumont focuses on fitness and wellness, including the relaxation and rejuvenation, offers family friendly suites, and all the in room amenities you would expect.

Welcome to Affinia Dumont New York City

Affinia Dumont in New York City's midtown east offers you a relaxing, comfortable, and rejuvenating hotel experience. Featuring luxurious amenities such as the Oasis Day Spa with its full service menu of spa treatments in a peaceful soothing atmosphere, a six Choice Dream Pillow Menu with pillows such as the Sound Pillow, the Magnetic Therapy Pillow, and the Buckwheat Pillow. And you will even get the opportunity to learn a few healthy living tips throughout your stay at Affinia Dumont.

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