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About Ayurveda Cafe in New York City

Ayurveda Cafe is one of the hidden gems of the Upper West Side, featuring vegetarian Indian cuisine. Ayurved ,meaning "knowledge of life", is a 5,000 year old ancient  Indian system
of health and healing that imposes a vegetarian diet incorporating six tastes. At Ayurveda you can enjoy enjoy a delicious, balanced healthy meal consisting  of a large plate with two vegetable curries, dal, rice, nan, raita and chutney each representing one of the six tastes.

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About the Menu at Ayurveda Cafe

At Ayurveda Cafe the chef decided what will be served to you, featuring a prix fixe lunch and dinner. The meal consist of 10 items which include all six tastes; salty, sweet, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent. all presented in steel bowls on a steel plate. At Ayurveda Cafe meals rotate on a daily basis so every time you go you can enjoy a healthy surprise.

Ayurveda Cafes pre-set menu du jour features a complete meal consisting of


2 vegetable entrees

bread - lentils

basmati/brown rice

salad - raita - dessert

assorted chutneys

and much more...

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