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E E Grill House Restaurant and Bar

233 West 49th Street

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About About E&E Grill House New York

Owners Eric and Eddie wanted to create a restaurant that set them apart from the obvious steakhouse genre, so they established E&E Grill House. It is a unique interactive restaurant where dinners can create their own dining experience, whether it be steak, seafood, or vegetables you decide the temperature, the toppings, and the accompaniments. E&E is conveniently located in the heart of New Yorks theater district, walking distance from some of the city's most famous attractions and hotels.

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A Sample of the Dinner Menu at E&E Grill House New York

E&E Grill House specializes in steaks, chops, and grilled fish. It takes you away from the conventional steakhouse; serving some of the freshest seafood and vegetables in the city, and into a more adventurous direction where you can order by the cow part. The restaurant features a lunch, brunch, and dinner menu as well as a $38 Prix Fixe dinner menu. Listed below is a sample of the dinner menu at E&E Grill House.

Scottish Salmon- 25

Grilled asparagus, smoked béarnaise sauce

Porcini Ravioli - 21

Spring onions, English peas, parmesan broth

Smoked Pork Chop - 29

Rainbow chard, roasted garlic-mustard sauce

Smoked & Grilled Tofu - 19

Grilled broccolini, yuzu-ginger sauce

Head: Beef Cheek Chili - 23

White cheddar onion rings, smoked corn bread

Tenderloin: 8 oz. Filet - 36

Beef tenderloin has been consumed as long as man has raised cattle. This meat is tender, lean and mild-flavored. Sauces complement this cut nicely

Chuck: E&E Cheeseburger - 19

Candied bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, 2330 sauce

Brisket: Dry-Aged Brisket - 26

Whether at a Passover dinner or a Southern BBQ, brisket can be the main attraction. Lying between the front legs, this meat is rich, toothsome and slow cooked for tenderness

Pan-Roasted Organic Chicken - 24

Mashed potatoes, grilled broccolini, red wine mushroom sauce

Short Loin: 12 oz. New York Strip - 37

The prized short loin produces well-marbled, full-flavored steaks, including the New York Strip

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