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Empire State Building Observatory

350 Fifth Avenue Suite 300
(212) 736-3100

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About About the State Building Observatory New York

The Empire State Building Observatory in midtown west is one of the most romantic spots in all of New York City with breathtaking 360-degree views. Featuring unmatched year round views from its world famous 86th and 102nd floor observatory and is offers the perfect opportunity to watch the sun set. The 86th floor is 1,050 feet high and has a popular outdoor deck and an indoor view gallery. the 102nd floor at 1,250 feet above ground is the highest point tourist can reach in Manhattan. The Empire state Building Observatory you can enjoy an intimate setting with incomparable views of the city.

Hours and Pricing at the Empire state Building in New York

Express Pass

All ages (6 or older): $41.33

Make the most out of your time by skipping the lines and going straight to the greatest views.

86th Floor Observatory

Seniors: $18.37

Adults: $20.21

Kids (under 12): 14.70

Featuring legendary views indoors and out, with a spacious promenade and  glass enclosed area.

86th and 102nd Floor Combination

Seniors: $35

Adults: $37

Kids: $31

Savor two remarkable but very different experiences in one visit.

86th and 102nd Floor Express Combinations

All Ages (6 or older): $55.11

Skip all line and enjoy fast access to both the 86th and 102nd floor observatories to maximize your experience.

Open daily, 365 days a year!

8:00 AM to 2:00 AM

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