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About About Godspell the Broadway Musical

Godspell the Broadway musical was constructed using several musical lessons from the Gospel of St. Matthew, to tell a timeless story of friendship and love. In this new up to date version Jesus recruits several followers and shares his teachings through song and dance, towards the end the musical becomes more  of a linear narrative as Jesus is betrayed and crucified. Godspell the Broadway musical is an enduring modernized version of a timeless tale on the importance of love.

Godspell the Broadway Musical Reviews

The Broadway musical Godspell is a timeless tale of loyalty and love, featuring a Tony nominated score with popular songs such as "Turn Back", Day by Day", and Light of the World. Godspell is an adored musical by Stephen Schwartz Grammy and Academy Award winning composer, based on the Gospel of St. Matthew. Listed below are a few things critics have had to say about Godspell the Broadway musical.

"Unbridled joy." - Review by Hollywood Reporter from David Rooney

"Endlessly Imaginative." -Review by Robert Feldberg from The Record

"Head over to Godspell and have a ball! Fun from start to finish." -Review by David Richardson from WOR Radio

"Blessed indeed! Godspell has anointed a new group of Broadway stars, and we are the richer for it." -Review by Mark Kennedy from Associated Press

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