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About About the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York

At Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum you can experience an educational and interactive journey that is fun for all ages, featuring a variety of interactive exhibits and events that provide you with snapshots of heroism, and excitement. Here you can view historic video footage, original artifacts, ride the A-6 Cockpit Simulator, visit the Virtual Flight Zone, and tour inside the worlds fastest commercial airplane, the Concorde. Intrepid Museum offers Guided Tours to enhance your trip, Audio Tours to here from the pilots and crew members as you walk the ship, and simulators to immerse yourself in the 4D Motion Ride XD Theater where you will surpass your imagination.

Guided Tours at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City

Humanity Behind the Hardware

90 minutes

Adults: $20

Kids: $15

Lead by a professional tour guide focusing on stories of the men who served aboard the Intrepid, their daily lives aboard this city at sea and how similar their on-board community was in comparison with communities today. The tour also includes heroic stories about other men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces or those who have supported and continue to support the men and women in uniform.

Monday-Thursday 11:10am 12:10pm 1:10pm 2:10pm
Friday-Sunday 11:10am 12:10pm 1:10pm 2:10pm

Salty Talk

90 minutes



Join Intrepid  tour guides for a funny, enlightening, family-friendly, 90-minute tour that will leave you saying, "Wow! I did not know that!" We’ll explore the origins of terms and words you use every day. As a bonus, each guest will receive a souvenir activity sheet, to help remember the remarkable words discussed.

Saturday and Sunday 2:3opm

Silent Service: The Story of the USS Growler Submarine

45 minutes

Adults: $20

Kids: $15

demonstrate the workings of the world’s oldest existing nuclear missile-carrying submarine. Growler patrolled the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union from 1958 to 1964, ever ready to retaliate if the Soviets attacked the United States first. Your tour guide will begin by recounting the evolution of the submarine as a weapon, explaining how its role and design changed from the Second World War to the Cold War. You will see how Growler was purpose-built for this new strategic mission. long the way your guide will also explain how 95 men lived and worked on Growler for up to three months at a time, never seeing daylight, never communicating with loved ones, and, often, never showering. You will see up-close the sub’s features, including both periscopes, forward and aft torpedo tubes, the diesel engines that charged Growler’s batteries, the officers’ and crew’s tight living quarters, and the mess area where the men ate and relaxed.

Saturday and Sunday 9:00am

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