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The New York Giants were one of the first five teams to join the NFL, but they are the only team that still exist to date. Since 1925 they have featured 15 hall of fame players including several recipients of NFL Most Valuable Player award. Despite the Giants going through a two decade long losing streak they still rank third among NFL franchises, and by the 1990 the were back on top after their exciting 20-19 win  over the Buffalo Bills. With 2 Superbowl wins the New York Giants are known as the reigning champions of the NFL and with a young team, a great quarterback, and an experienced coach they are a team to watch.
The New York Giants are based in Rutherford New Jersey but they represent the New York City Metropolitan area, it is said the day the city was introduced to the Big Blue Wrecking Crew it was introduced to the world of professional football. Although they did not become a household name until the 1950s they had four NFL titles by 1956 and they have sine added four more under their belt. The New York Giants have been filled with success and have included famous players such as Frank Gifford, Charlie, Conerly, and Lawrence Taylor.

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