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The New York Rangers are one of the oldest teams in the NHL, having joined in 1926, they are one of the remaining original six teams. In 1928 they won their first Stanley Cup, no other team in the NHL has ever been able to win the cup in their first two years as a team. The Rangers play their home games at Madison Square Garden, one of the worlds most famous arenas. They are known as the "classiest teams in hockey"  for their clean games, and they have provided fans with some incredible moments in New York Sporting History.
The New York Rangers have built a reputation on passion and tradition in the past 85 years. They were the first NHL franchise to win the Stanley Cup in the United States, they also managed to only miss the playoffs once and fall lower than third place twice in their first 16 seasons. Making it to the finals four times in their first six year, the New York Rangers have captures the hearts of New Yorkers withe their innovative plays and hard work.

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