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222 East 53rd Street

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OBAO located on an east Midtown Manhattan block features Asian fusion cuisine in a cozy yet modern setting. The menu showcases a wide variety of dishes including Soup noodle entrees, wok noodle entrees, rice entrees, vermicelli noodle entrees, traditional entrees, and BBQ entrees. All with a unique interpretation from various regions such as Cambodia, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Singapore. At OBAO you can enjoy a unique Asian fusion dining experience in the heart of New York City.

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The Menu at OBAO in New York City

Singapore Noodles Entrée $10.00

Chinese sausage, shrimp, bean sprouts, chives, onions.

Beef Salad $10.00

Flank steak, pineapple, mint, cucumber and lime dressing.   

Pad See Iew Entrée $11.00

Beef, flat rice noodles, egg, Chinese broccoli, green mango kimchi.

Spicy Lemongrass Kalbi Short Ribs $16.00

Sweet onions, sesame soy sauce marinade. Served with Jasmine rice.

Bun Bo Hue $9.00

Braised pork shank, beef brisket, rice noodles, spicy lemongrass broth.

Assorted Mushroom and Tofu $10.00

With Vermicelli Noodles assorted mushroom, tofu skin, soy dressing, peanuts.

Sautéed Chicken $11.00

With Cashew Nuts Entrée cashew nuts, onions, scallions, bell peppers, garlic, chili paste. Served with Jasmine Rice.

Clay Pot Catfish $15.00

Caramel sauce, green pepper corn, pickled bean sprout, steam bok choy. Served with Jasmine Rice.

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