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About About Papadam Flavors of India New York

Papadam Flavors of India offers authentic Indian cuisine in the heart of New York City, close to many of the cities leading businesses. Featuring incredible authentic Indian cuisine, unmatched Indian hospitality, superior service, and an inviting atmosphere. Papadam uses a large variety of traditional ingredients, spices, and flavors to create the ultimate taste of India.

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A Sample of the Menu at Papadam Flavors of India

At Papadam New York City you can experience the authentic flavors of India. Featuring delectable dishes prepared using traditional Indian herbs and spices, and cooked over a slow fire in a clay oven or tandoor, to maintain the authenticity of the flavors. At Papadam you can enjoy a 14 course all you can eat buffet, 7 days a week for just $9.95. Listed below is a sample of the menu at Papadam New York City.

Masala Dosa

Lentils and rice flour, crispy crepe with savory potatoes masala. Served with coconut chutney and veg-sambar

Navratan Dal

Combination of 9 lentils cooked over night

Nilgiri Korma

Lamb cooked with mint, coriander, coconut, and a blend of spices

Goan Fish Curry

Chunks of fish prepared in a robust spice and tomatoes

Shrimp Biryani

Fresh shrimp cooked with aromatic Basmati Rice and Herbs

Zafrani Murgh Korma

Authentic kashmiri chicken with rich almond and cashew sauce

Papadam Mixed Grill

An array of Tandoori delicacy chicken, lamb, and seafood

Hariyali Murgh Tikka

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in mint, coriander, and cooked to perfection

Hyderabadi Baghare Baigan

Whole baby eggplant stuffed with roasted spices, simmered in a silky sesame coconut sauce

Adraki Chaap (Baby Lamb Chops)

Rack of lamb marinated in fresh ginger juice, rum, yogurt, and spices

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