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About Pepela New York City

Pepela is a modern European restaurant in New York Cities Midtown East. The menu offers traditional and modern Georgian cuisine, with a new take on old world recipes. As the first Georgian restaurant in New York City, guest can expect a warm, welcoming experience they wont soon forget.A Sample of the Menu at Pepela New York City

Khinkali 20
Traditional Georgian Dumplings with Juicy Meat. 5 Pieces

Chaqapuli 26
Veal pieces with onion, tarragon, fresh herbs, white Wine and Tkemali Sauce

Ochahuri (Pork) 20
Pieces of Pork pan fried with potatoes, tomatoes, fresh greens and Georgian Spices

Ochahuri (Veal) 24
Pieces of veal pan fried with potatoes, tomatoes, and fresh greens and Georgian spices

Branzino 28
Pan fried Branzino Fish served with baby tomatoes, baby potatoes, black olives and lemon

Lamb Chops 30
3 lamb chops prepared with Georgian spices, served with grilled eggplant, red pepper, onion, tomato. traditional Georgian tomato sauce on the side.

Buglama of Salmon 26
Pan fried pieces of salmon cooked with tomatoes, fresh greens and white wine served with rice and olives

Chakhokhbili Chicken 22
Grilled chicken filet with traditional Georgian vegetable sauce made with tomato, onion, cilantro, parsley and dill prepared with Georgian spices, served with rice.

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