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About About Achiote San Antonio

Achiote Pan-Latino river Cafe in the Grand Hyatt Hotel is  not your typical Tex-Mex restaurant. offering a fresh menu of Pan- Latino comfort food, its a Latin American twist focusing on Mexican, Caribbean and South American Styles. You can enjoy for both lunch and dinner several regional specialties from Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and many more. A large space for large parties up to one hundred-forty is available, as well as two smaller rooms for parties up to ten. Achiote features the rich culinary history of Mexico, South and Central America, and the Caribbean as well San Antonios Unique fusion cuisine, Your invited to explore the new taste of Pan-Latino cuisine with some of the most authentic food, and and an impressive wine list, many  imported from Argentina and chilie.

The Ambiance at Ahiote San Antonio

Achiote Pan-Latino River Cafe has a beautiful modern appeal with rusty gold hued walls, and gorgeous terrace seating on the River walk. With its Latin theme and Fancy yet laid back feel you almost like a private beach side Miami party. Complete with live Latin jazz every Friday and Saturday, as well as special evenings throughout the year. Its a true Latin Experience.

The Menu at Achiote San Antonio

Achiote Pan-Latino River Cafe has some of the most authentic Pan-Latino cuisine, adding a new spice to River-walk dining. You can enjoy a fresh new menu of Pan-Latino comfort food complemented by an extensive list of wines, categorized by flavors to help you choose the perfect accompaniment to your meal. It will be an adventure of a new culinary experience with five different types of Ceviche and new and unique dishes to explore like Puerto Rico Garbanzo Bean, Spicy Sausage Stew and Spanish Ham and Cheese Croquettes. For dessert you can explore the taste of of a flaky Mango Turnover, or enjoy the exotic Achiote Chile flour-less Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce. Achiote is an excellent diversion form the typical Tex-Mex cuisine.

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