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About About Alamo Helicopter Tours San Antonio

Alamo Helicopter Tours gives you the pleasure of viewing San Antonio and the Hill Country, in the most exciting way with breathtaking views. Featuring a variety of tours ranging  from $45.50 for The Short Ride Tour to $700 for The Custom and Night Tour, giving everyone the opportunity to tour the city by air no matter the budget. Alamo Helicopter tours gives you a unique adventure with an outstanding birds eye view of The River Walk, The Alamo, The Botanical Garden, and many more high tour sites.

Tours Available at Alamo Helicopter Tours San Antonio

Alamo & More Tour- $107.75 per person plus tax This is one of the most popular, taking you over pretty much all of San Antonio. Giving you the opportunity to view the River Walk, The Alamo, San Antonio Zoo, Quarry Market, the Botanical Garden, Tower of Americas, and Mission Road. The Hill Country Tour- $196.20 per person plus tax Taking you through downtown, missions, and a lot more. The flight will take you through downtown San Antonio giving you the opportunity to view The Alamo, and the River Walk. As you head further north you’ll fly by the San Antonio Zoo, Quarry Market, Fiesta Texas, and a lot more. Eventually the Hill Country, where you can see breathtaking views beyond your imagination. As the trip comes to an end, on your return you’ll get to view the Rock Quarries and Lackland Military base and training grounds. The Ultimate Tour- $312.50 per person plus tax This is the ultimate flight with the most beautiful scenery. Be sure to pack plenty of film, and then more. On the way out you’ll fly into the stunning Hill Country, over hilltops, and cross rugged terrain. On the way back in you’ll pass over downtown San Antonio and Mission Road.

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