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713 South Alamo Street

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About About Azuca San Antonio

Azuca Nuevo Latino is San Antonios first Nuevo Latino restaurant,  its a far cry from traditional Enchiladas, rice and beans at your typical Latin restaurant.  The food is Latin fusion at its best,  The cuisine and atmosphere from the Caribbean Central and Latin America  have been brought together with all of its glamour and vitality.  Azuca was voted one of the top 50 Hispanic restaurants in the U. S. by Hispanic Magazine in 2004. It was also chosen as one of San Antonios Top Ten by the Concierge Association. The combination of a fun upbeat atmosphere, amazing food, fresh ingredients, and great drinks make  Azuca  the entire Latin experience, full of passion and excitements, from Patagonia Argentina all the way to Chihuahua  Mexico.

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The Ambiance at Azuca San Antonio

At Azuca Nuevo Latino the atmosphere is fun and upbeat. Its your very own part of the Caribbean Central and South America right here in San Antonio. Just like the food, passion and Excitement surround Azuca. Its a high-energy environments with salsa music and entertainment. Where you can enjoy the entire Latin lifestyle.

The Menu at Azuca San Antonio

Azuca Nuevo Latino combines the traditional Latin dishes, with the contemporary touches of today. Offering Latin ingredients with new and exciting techniques presentation and exotic ingredients like taro root, malanga, and yuca make the dishes enticing. Salmon Jibaro, Chicken Breast Azteca and Pork Tender Carioca are just a few of the many Latin infused dishes. Azuca uses ingredients from Latin America combined and prepared in a new and unique style, plates full of color freshness and excitement. Through a celebration of fresh Latin and Caribbean ingredients Azuca features a sensuous Nuevo Latino cuisine paired with a unique Latin wine list.

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