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Bar America

723 South Alamo Street

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About About Bar America San Antonio

Bar America is a theme free, old  fashion bar, where the drinks are cheap. It has some of the lowest prices out of any bar is San Antonio, and it was honored with having the Best Juxbox by San Antonio Current. Bar America is a classic American Bar that doesn't have to try, and it doesn't. Its friendly, cheap, and features a few tables and an old Juxbox for entertainment. It draws a diverse crowd ranging from artist from the Blue Star Complex, blue collar workers, and college students. All drawn in by inexpensive beer and  a good time of casual conversation.

The Atmosphere at Bar America San Antonio

At Bar America its all about the beer, so its no surprise when you walk in and find simple decor. The walls are decorated with beer adds, and there are life size cardboard models holding lassos and six packs of beer. Their a couple of rows of booths to sit down at, and a couple of pools tables to play on. Theirs wood floors and an old Juxbox with classics like Billy Ocean, Selena, and Roger Miller. Bar America is an extremely friendly where people mingle with every one and anyone. The people are polite and conversational, the owners are known as Mom and Pop and the regulars. Bar America is a causal friendly bar where you go to drink and hangout with friends, their no frills, its just a regular theme free old fashion place.

What Bar America San Antonio has to Offer

At Bar America you can enjoy cheap beer, a couple of games of pool, songs from the limited yet eclectic Juxbox, and casual conversation with anyone in the bar. The bar is extremely friendly and everyone is willing to talk to anyone. You can buy ten songs from the Juxbox with only four quarters, and although its limited the Juxbox features classics such as Freddy Fender, Selena, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, and several other. And the beer is crazy cheap, $2.00 get you an imported beer, while $1.50 to $1.75 gets you a domestic. At Bar America you’ll be sure to have a good time drinking cheap beer at this classic America Bar.

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