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Cascade Caverns

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About Cascade Caverns San Antonio

Just a short 35 minute drive from downtown San Antonio you will find Cascade Caverns in Boerne, TX. Carved beneath the surface you will be surrounded b the natural beauty in one of the few"living" caves in Texas. The guided tour takes you through channels of timeless beauty, in a cool year long 68 degree natural environment.

What You Can Experiance at Cascade Caverns San Antonio

At Cascade Caverns you can witness stunning cave formations, the 90 foot water fall cascading down the Cathedral Room, and ceilings decorated with millions of glistening drops of water. You will get a chance to see astonishing creatures such as the Cliff Frog, Eastern Pipistrelle Bat, Leopard Frog, and the Cascade Cavern Salamander. At Cascade Caverns you can experience beauty a million years in the making.

Tours at Cascade Caverns San Antonio

First Friday Flash Light Tour - 1.5 hours

Adults - $19.95, Children 12-17 - $14.95

The First Friday of every month you can experience an unusual extended nighttime tour lit only by flashlights and candles. Giving you the opportunity to see the Blind Salamander, only coming out at night ten stories beneath the ground..

The Tour - 45 min- 1 hour

Adult - $11.00,  Children 4 – 11 - $7.00

This tour give you an opportunity to experience the Cavern in all its glory. You can witness everything down to smallest detail, from the glistening drops of water reluctantly falling onto the rock formations, to the 100 foot waterfall.

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