; Durty Nelly's Irish Bar

Durty Nelly's Irish Bar

200 South Alamo Street

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About About Durty Nelly's Irish Bar San Antonio

Durty Nelly's Irish Bar is a loud, fun corny version of an Irish Pub, and it is well known for having one of the best beer selections in the entire city. Featuring a piano bar with nightly sing a longs, where the piano player jokingly mocks the customers, the staff, and popular songs. This Irish Pub is the oldest in San Antonio, and it is kept alive and strong by the love of locals and tourist alike. It is a fun and exciting place to be, where the staff and customers are always ready for a great time.

The Ambiance at Durty Nelly's Irish Bar San Antonio

Durty Nelly’s Irish Bar is a fun casual bar, where on a slow night theirs a relaxed cozy feel, and when its busy it is one of the most exciting places to be. It has a rustic pub feel with a piano in the center surrounded by a sea of tables and chairs, and the floors are covered with peanut shells. It is a small bar that is dimly lit, featuring live music, drinks, and the perfect atmosphere for a great night out. Durty Nelly’s is the perfect place for a drunken rowdy group, with a great crowd of happy people singing, dancing, and partying.

What Durty Nell's Irish Bar Has to Offer

Durty Nelly’s Irish Bar features traditional pub food, a wide selection of drought beer and drinks, making it known for having an excellent beer selection.  Whether your there to enjoy some pub grub with an ice cold beer and a bucket of peanuts, or chug back a few lagers with some friends Durty Nelly’s is a great choice with some amazing drink specials.

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