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Fujiya Japanese Garden

9030 Wurzbach Road

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About Fujiya Japanese Garden San Antonio

Fujiya Japanese Garden features some of the finest traditional Japanese cuisine in San Antonio, with a relaxing and unique dining environment. Its exciting dishes, extensive menu, and impressive selection of rolls and Sashimi are what draw people in and keep bringing them back. Whether you choose to dine at the Sushi bar, or the traditional Japanese dining room you will have a truly memorable authentic dining experience. It is an absolute must try while in San Antonio.

The Ambiance at Fujiya Japanese Garden San Antonio

Fujiya Japanese Garden is a casual, calm, and relaxing Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy traditional home-style cooked food. You can choose to dine at the sushi bar or tables surrounding the bar, where you can see the sushi chef prepare the sushi, or you can watch the games on their wide screen TV, perfect for sports lovers. You can also choose to dine in the authentic Tatami dining room, where you sit on mats and enjoy your meal the traditional Japanese way. Fujiya gives you a great Japanese dining experience in a comfortable way.

The Menu at Fujiya Japanese Garden San Antonio

At Fujiya Japanese Garden you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine with a large selection of sushi rolls and Sashimi. The very extensive menu features something for everyone from the Famous Dinner for Two Lovers,  the Deluxe Sashimi Dinner, Katsu Curry Rice, to Gomoku Soba. Fujiya features an extensive menu of traditional Japanese cuisine with many home style favorites.

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