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Guenther House Restaurant

205 East Guenther Street

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About The Guenther House Restaurant

The Guenther House Restaurant is located in a beautifully restored home in the King Williams historic district, right along a beautiful stretch of the San Antonio River Walk. Featuring traditional American Southern comfort food, so good that it rivals your grandmas cooking. The beautifully restored Guenther House features a museum presenting mill memorabilia, the popular River Mill gift shop which sells items such as their very own recipes and mixes, and lastly the very charming local favorite restaurant. If there is a long wait you don't just have to sit in a crowded lobby and wait it out. You can take that tine to explore the museum or take a stroll by the River Walk, and once you've fallen in love with their biscuits and waffles you can search the gift shop for the mixes and recipes. As you're leaving you'll be glad you tried Guenther House, and you'll have already planned your next visit.

The Ambiance at Guenther House Restaurant San Antonio

The Guenther House Restaurant just steps from the San Antonio River Walk reflects the style of the 1920’s Art Nouveau. Its elegant, small, cute, and cozy giving it a homey fell. You’ll swear your in your grandmas kitchen. The Patio is absolutely beautiful it almost feels majestic. The beautiful field of green with lush trees, the magnificent stone exterior or the house and the humming birds buzzing by give you the most outstanding views and peaceful experience of your life.

The Guenther House Restaurant San Antonio

The Guenther House Restaurant features Traditional American Southern cuisine for both lunch and dinner, as well as wonderful baked items such as breads, pastries, and biscuits. All baked fresh daily from scratch. For Breakfast you can enjoy items like Southern Sweet Cream Waffles and Buttermilk Biscuits and Country Sausage Gravy. For lunch experience the taste of their very popular Champagne Chicken Enchiladas and Pioneer Taco Salad. The food is impeccable and the portions are generous. Guenther House is said to have some of the best breakfast in San Antonio, in one of the most beautiful settings.

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