; Imax Alamo Rivercenter Theater

Imax Alamo Rivercenter Theater

849 East Commerce Street

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About Imax Alamo Rivercenter Theater San Antonio

At Imax Alamo Rivercenter Theater you will feel as if you were transported into the film. The movies screen is 4,500 ties larger that the average TV screen, its so big you will be immersed in it, and you can actually feel the audio with it being so clear and deep. The Imax movie experience is like no other, it takes you so far into the movie that its almost as if you become part of it. Its a larger than life movie experience you wont want to miss.

Featured FIlm at Imax Alamo RIvercenter Theater San Antonio

Imax Alamo Rivercenter Theater is constantly updating films, but The Alamo: The Price of Freedom is its signature film. It has been playing daily for more than twenty years and it is a must watch while in San Antonio, right before you head over to The Alamo itself. The documentary/drama reenacts battle scenes and dramatic incidents, and it has been said to be “the best dramatization” of the actual events. IT will take you back to the traditional legends, which will help you understand the appeal and significance of The Alamo.

Ticket Prices at Imax Alamo Rivercenter Theater San Antonio

Adult - $11.50

Child - $8.95

Senior - $10.50

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