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Mexican Manhattan

110 Soledad Street

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About Mexican Manhattan San Antonio

Mexican Manhattan is one of San Antonios finest Mexican restaurants, featuring authentic Mexican cuisine as well as some popular Tex-Mex favorites. Located on a quieter part of San Antonios famed River Walk you can enjoy dining on the beautiful balcony above the River, and as the River expands you'll enjoy dining on the terrace without the traffic of the tourist bumping in to your table. Mexican Manhattan is one of the best Mexican Restaurants you can find in the downtown, and River Walk area. You can enjoy amazing Tex-Mex creations and traditional Mexican cuisine as you unwind in this authentic establishment that is old San Antonio.

The Ambiance at Mexican Manhattan San Antonio

Mexican Manhattan is in a rustic looking structure with one of the most beautiful terrace, when there you always feel like part of the family. It appears small but when you walk inside you can see exactly how big it is, theirs a small dining room filled with booths that opens up into a larger dining area and then the bar with high ceiling and an exposed brick wall. It has a slight feel of an old diner with a cozy charm. From the patio you get a beautiful tranquil view overlooking the River, only it’s a lot more peaceful without the crowd of tourist. Mexican Manhattan is a kid friendly, casual, and relaxing environment, it’s the perfect place to unwind.

The Menu at Mexican Manhattan San Antonio

At Mexican Manhattan you can enjoy all of your favorite Tex-Mex dishes as well as some more authentic Mexican creations. The food is authentic, homemade, fresh, and always delicious. You’ll always find that the food is prepared with natural, fresh, and high quality ingredients. Mexican Manhattan features one of the best Bloody Mary’s, as well as some of the best enchiladas in San Antonio. With a menu featuring an appetizers of mini Chicken Flautas and Tamales made fresh every day. Tex-Mex entrees of Beef Enchiladas and Chicken Tacos, and Authentic Mexican Entrees of Cabrito and Chicken Mole you will surly be satisfied with the food. Mexican Manhattan gives you large portions of foods you know and love, or will grow to love.

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