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Morton's Steak House

300 East Crockett Street

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About Morton's Steakhouse San Antonio

At Morton's Steakhouse you can enjoy USDA prime-aged steak and succulent selections of fresh seafood, representing the finest in the sea and land. Morton's New York Strip has been rated "Excellent" by Consumer Reports in 2009, it has also won several awards including the Steakhouse Spirit Award from the Spirit of the Industry in 2008, as well as having been voted Critics Choice for best Steakhouse by San Antonio Express News. Located in the very popular River Center Mall on San Antonios River Walk you can enjoy a fine dining experience with a consistent high quality meal and genuine hospitality, at Morton's you will create memories you wont soon forget.

The Ambiance at Morton's Steakhouse San Antonio

Morton's Steakhouse is a sophisticated and elegant Chicago style steakhouse. Dim lighting, red brick wall, dark wood details, celebrity photos on the walls, and waiters in black and white attire complete the look. It resembles something straight out of a 1920’s movie, it’s an upscale place best suited for dressy casual attire. With the air of a classy mens club Morton’s is cozy and pleasant with a classy edge. You will be sure to enjoy your dining experience in comfort in this elegant establishment.

The Menu at Morton's Steakhouse San Antonio

Morton's Steakhouse creates a classic dining experience using USDA prime-ages steaks, succulent seafood chicken, fresh produce, incredible appetizers, and desserts. You begin your meal with a waiter presenting a cart filled with fresh vegetables, lobster, cuts of steak, the waiter then presents each menu item in appetizing and entertaining detail. You make your entrée selection whether it be their house specialty 24 ounce porterhouse, Filet Mignon, Whole Baked Maine Lobster, or the Chicken Christopher It’ll all be enormous. The traditional side dishes such as the Mash Potatoes or Sautéed fresh spinach and mushrooms, all huge as well. At Morton’s you can enjoy some of the finest seafood in Texas and some of the best Steaks in the country, after all Steaks are what Morton’s does best.

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