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Natural Bridge Caverns

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About About Natural Bridge Caverns San Antonio

At Natural Bridge Caverns you can experience an underground world of incredible natural beauty, in one of the worlds premiere caverns. You can choose from a variety of tours that are sure to please anyone, or maybe try out Texas largest climbing towers and zip lines. The comfortable year round 70 degree temperature keeps you nice and cool as you venture down 211 feet below surface. At Natural Bridge Caverns you will witness some of the most incredible natural beauty.

Tours Available at Natural Bridge Caverns

Discovery Tour - 75 min.

Adults- $17.95, Children 3-11 - $9.95

This is the most popular tour, where you can travel half a mile down 180 feet through one of the most amazing caverns in Texas.

Illuminations Tour - 70 min.

Adults - $17.95, Children 3-11 - $9.95

You will witness a rare and delicate formation in the Natural Bridge Caver, traveling through two huge underground chambers lit by a state of the art light system. Both the light and darkness are used to enhance the experience.

Lantern Tour - 75 min

Adults - $17.95, Children 3-11 - $9.95

This is the first tour of the day, giving you the opportunity to experience the caverns just like the original discovers 50 years ago. You will get a chance to explore the winding passages with only the light fro the cave lanterns to guide you through.

 Adventure Tour  - approximately 3 hours

caving gear included

Ages 8 and up - $99.95

You will get the chance to experience what it was like to discover the Natural Bridge Caverns. With no concrete or handrails this is a true adventure, you will be guided as you hike, climb, rappel, and explore.

Hidden Passages Adventure Tour - 3-4 hours

caving gear included

Ages 13 and up - $99.95

With this thrilling tour you will climb, rappel, crawl, and explore guided only by the light of your helmet. This excursions is not for the weak of heart, you will get down and dirty as you travel throughout the cavern like a true explorer.

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