; Revolution Room

Revolution Room

8123 Broadway Street

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About About Revolution Room San Antonio

Revolution Room is a very versatile bar where you can dance, shoot some pool, puff on a Hookah, enjoy live music, and a DJ. It attracts a wide crowd ranging from college kids, to military members, to young professionals. With four bars and two levels of dance floors, theirs a little bit of everything for everyone.

The Ambiance at Revolution Room San Antonio

Revolution Room is a night club offering everything you can imagine. You walk in the door and come across the bar, to the side there are table and chair with a view of the stage. To the right of the bar you’ll find the hip-hop tunnel room featuring a DJ, a mini bar, and comfortable couches. To the side of the hip-hop room you’ll find a terrace, and at the back of the building theirs a dance floor where you can usually dance to electronica dance music. Upstairs you can find another dance floor and live music, and the next room features pool tables and Hookahs. Theirs always something to do at Revolution Room.

What Revolution Rom San Antonio has to Offer

Revolution Room is a cool laid back club where you can enjoy a little bit of everything. Whether your in the mood for hip-hop, electronica, live music, shooting some pool, relaxing over a Hookah, dancing or drinking. Even if your in the mood to do it all Revolution Room is the place for you.

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