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About Rio San Antonio Cruises San Antonio

Rio San Antonio Cruises allows you to cruise the famed San Antonio River Walk. Featuring Dinner Cruises, Cocktail Cruises, Chartered Cruises, and Rio Taxi Services. The two and a half mile long tour take 35 to 40 minutes and is entertaining and full of the rich history of the River, they are also helpful and informative to benefit you on your visit to the River Walk. The tour guides are passionate and funny, Rio San Antonio Cruises is a great way to see the River.

Cruises at Rio San Antonio Cruises San Antonio

Dinner and Cocktail Cruises

Rio San Antonio Cruises has partnered with several River Walk Restaurant to bring you this luxury. As you stroll down the River you can enjoy fabulous food and drinks.

Dinner Cruises

Enjoy a wonderful meal catered by one of the fantastic River Walk Restaurant, while cruising down the River. Seats 20.

Cocktail Cruises

Drift through the River while enjoying appetizers and drinks. Seats 30.

Chartered Tours

This private is a fantastic way to take a group down the river, with seating up to 40, you can enjoy an entertaining forty minute narrated tour.

Rio Taxi Tours

Allows you to sit back and relax as you cruise over to your next destination on the River Walk, featuring 39 stops.

Prices at Rio San Antonio Cruises San Antonio

General Admission - $8.25
Bexar County Residents - $6.00
Children (1-5 years) - $2.00
Senior Citizens (60 & older) & United States Military - $6.00


Downtown Reach (Up to Lexington Street)

Rio Taxi Yellow One Way - $5.00
Rio Taxi Yellow 24-Hour Day Pass - $10.00
Rio Taxi Yellow Three Day Pass -  $25.00

Museum Reach (North of Lexington)

Rio Taxi Red 24-Hour Day Pass - $10.00
Rio Taxi Red Three Day Pass - $25.00

Downtown and Museum

CombinationRed/Yellow 24 Hour Pass - $15.00

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