; Sumo Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi bar in San Antonio

Sumo Steakhouse and Sushi

8342 West Interstate 10

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About Welcome to Sumo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in San Antonio

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse offers traditional Japanese Cuisine and expertly prepared sushi, as well as a magnificent show right at your table. The Chef stands at an iron griddle surrounded by your table and cooks your meal right in front of you, showcasing their incredible knife flying, fire blazing skills. Tossing the food high in the air, forming volcanoes out of onion rings to erupt, chopping at incredibly fast speeds, and serving you the food at your plate from where they stand at the head of the griddle. You are even brought into the show as you are challenged by the chef to catch a piece of food in your mouth. The chefs are entertaining talented, and they transform your meal into a true "Tepanyaki" experience.   Visit the Sumo San Antonio Website for more information.

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The Ambiance at Sumo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Sumo Steakhouse and sushi bar has a fun upbeat atmosphere with its dinner and a show combination. Its perfect for large groups as the tables seat six or more. Its a family style restaurant where you enjoy your meal being prepared just as much as you enjoy eating it.

The Menu at Sumo

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse features expertly prepared sushi as well as traditional Japanese cuisine cooked in a method known as "teppanyaki" meaning Japanese cuisine cooked on an iron griddle. You can choose to sit in the dining area where every table surrounds an iron griddle. Where your tables very own personal chef will have you craving more as they prepare items such as mouth-watering Steak, tender chicken, succulent seafood, and garden- fresh vegetables as you watch in amazement. Entree options can range from simple shrimp, chicken, steak to scallops, every entree comes with sides such as rice, onion soup, shrimp appetizer, and sauteed vegetables. Their is also a sushi bar where you can sit an enjoy some of the tastiest and freshest Sushi in Texas.

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