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About About Texas Air Museum San Antonio

Texas Air Museum is located in the historic Stinson Field in San Antonio, the city to be considered as the birthplace of American Military Aviation. Featuring an impressive collection of aircraft's, weapons, uniforms, and vehicles. The museum does an amazing job at showcasing technical achievements in aviation, aviation pioneers, and honoring those who lost their life in the name of freedom. The Texas Air Museum features and impressive collection of aircraft's and artifacts of events that helped shape the nation.

Exhibits at Texas Air Museum San Antonio

Texas Air Museum is situated right on the second oldest airport in the U S, the Stinson Field. There you can submerge your self in the rich history of aviation, such as the vital role that Texas and San Antonio played in developing military power. You can see for yourself incredibly rare aircraft's like the Katherine Stinson’s Bleriot or Rare Focke- Wulf 190, and you can check out the F-4 Phantom Ejection Seat, and AVRO Tri- Plane. The museum mainly focuses on World War II aircraft's, but the “golden age” and early age of aviation are also covered.

Hours and Admission Price for Texas Air Museum San Antonio

Tuesday through Saturday - 10am- 5 pm
Sunday and Monday - Closed

Adults - $4
Seniors and Military - $3
Children 12 to 16 - $2
Children 11 and under - $1

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